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Fit Woman


Get ready to sweat! Burn fat and gain muscle tone with Barbells and Babes, an all-female Crossfit Program designed for women by women. We approach movements and mindset that target overall health and fitness including nutrition.


We started this program in 2019 and it has grown to be such an amazingly inspiring group of strong and accomplished athletes!

Coach Reva says

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson


Forging the future of fitness! Kids will get active, learn discipline and technique with this after-school program. Age groups are separated into 3 teams: (8 and under, 8-12, 13+)

Crossfit Kids is Free when parents or caregiver have a membership.


CFK is such a great way to instill healthy habits and a passion for fitness. Plus, it's lots of fun! 

Coach Adam says

Fit Woman


Crossfit is for everyone - all ages and fitness levels. We have a specially designed beginners program that introduces new athletes to the movements and techniques in a judgement-free, supportive environment. 


I am the program director for Crossfit Torment and design a very hands on and instructive course for those wanting to give Crossfit a try!

Coach Rob says

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